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The Eturnity ZEV Calculator

For many energy companies, it is no longer possible to imagine their portfolio without shared solar systems. This can either be for multiple buildings they own or as part of an alliance with other building owners (ZEV). This is because the ZEV model has become a growing trend in Switzerland. More and more real estate owners and managers want to be advised on the advantages of ZEV. This makes the Eturnity ZEV Calculator an important tool for new customer acquisition.

The advantages of the ZEV Calculator:

The economic attractiveness of an investment tends to play a more important role in ZEV than in smaller projects with only one party involved. Thanks to the ZEV Calculator, your website visitors can obtain a professional estimate of the payback period, production costs, internal rate of return, independence and own consumption with just a few clicks.

Mergers for own consumption are a very topical issue, but potential customers are still uncertain in some cases. With the ZEV Calculator on your website, you make it easier for interested parties to get started and position yourself as accessible using the ZEV model. The ZEV Calculator can be adapted to your company’s own design and can also be used on mobile devices.

Especially for potential customers without technical background knowledge, the functional principle and added value of a ZEV Calculator can be difficult to understand. To convince end customers, it is very important to support them with easily understood, clear information and explanations. In the Eturnity ZEV Calculator and the optional PDF summaries, this information is prepared in an appealing and simple manner for your customers.

The potential customers using the ZEV Calculator receive the data output directly as PDF by e-mail on request. With the ZEV Calculator you can also take existing ZEVs into account by automatically advising on the addition of a battery storage. Using the API connection, you have access to the respective data for further processing.

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With the ZEV Calculator, we reduce the costs in the digital distribution of our products. Solar and ZEV Calculators are accessed several hundred times a month and provide us with valuable qualified leads. Our experiences are therefore very positive.

Meropi Nassikas, engytec AG

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We will be happy to advise you on your personal ideas and the cost of the Eturnity ZEV Calculator. The initial consultation is free of charge. Our customer advisors look forward to getting to know you and your company to provide help tailored to your needs.

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ZEV Calculator with Solar Expert and Solar Calculator – the perfect overall solution

Increasingly, installers and energy suppliers want to minimize any manual effort. They can do this by integrating the Eturnity Solar Expert as a complete package in addition to the ZEV Calculator.
It automates the entire customer consulting and quotation process, right up to the sale. This ultimately makes the software an efficient tool for daily work with the help of additional customer management functionalities.

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