We hear you, dear customers!

At our Community Day we asked you how satisfied you are with Eturnity. Performance was one of the criteria that still had a lot of potential for optimization.
We took this point of criticism seriously and were able to completely reorganize the operation of our software.

Performance was the biggest point of criticism

Your criticism was justified. The Eturnity platform became a little victim of its own success. The strong customer growth led to more projects and a higher load on our systems. The infrastructure, which has accompanied us since the first hour of Eturnity, was no longer able to cope with these demands. That’s why our tech team has invested countless hours in reorganizing the infrastructure since the beginning of 2021. Now, we can all finally reap the rewards of this work!

The solution: Kubernetes Cluster

As of yesterday (Thursday), all of Eturnity’s services are now running on a so-called Kubernetes Cluster – a system that handles the deployment, management and monitoring of modularized software (known as a container environment).

The advantages that result from this:

  • High reliability and stability: cloud applications, which are operated at the container level by Kubernetes, are more secure, redundant and, consequently, very stable.
  • Fast and easy scaling: Computing capacities can be adjusted, as needed, to run the cloud application smoothly. This circumstance ultimately ensures improved performance.
  • Optimized updates: During an update, the individual services of a cloud application can be accessed without interruptions. You will, therefore, hardly notice the maintenance updates that occur on Thursday evenings.

However, this important step does not mean that the topic of performance is over. This gives us new opportunities for further improvement, so that we can also say in the future: Eturnity has never been this fast.

Pic Teaser: © Erick Studio – stock.adobe.com

Do you still have questions?

If you have any questions about our software or if you encounter any problems, our support team will be happy to hear from you: support@eturnity.ch or contact Philipp Eisenring, Head of Product Development / CTO at Eturnity AG, directly at philipp.eisenring@eturnity.ch.