Virtual power storage systems (PV clouds) make the surplus solar power from the summer usable in winter. This makes the model very attractive for owners of a PV system. More and more energy suppliers are, therefore, offering virtual solar storage in their portfolio.

Eturnity, in cooperation with the SEIC-Télédis Group, has now developed a completely individual solution for their solar management product, HORIZON, which has become a direct experience for customers.

The advantages of the solar storage can be experienced directly

The Eturnity solar calculator was combined with the solar management product, HORIZON, for this purpose. SEIC-Télédis is now able to present simulations with their solar storage function online for the customer and render them directly as a PDF.

The SEIC-Télédis group was particularly keen to offer its customers the best possible quality service: “With the Eturnity solar calculator, our customers only need an internet connection. This enables us to make the installation analysis of a solar system available to our customers free of charge. From now on, it takes less than three minutes to obtain a simple and global cost estimate: Cost price, yield, production, CO2 savings, etc. These elements are then used to draw up a very precise offer,” explains Alain Neuwerth, Head of the Trade and Energy Department of the SEIC-Télédis Group.

Clear objectives for the future

HORIZON is a completely new energy management system from SEIC-Télédis, which allows consumption of up to 100 % of the photovoltaic production. The product was proposed by the INERA partners. INERA SA currently unites six energy suppliers in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and intends to meet the challenges of the Energy Strategy 2050.

The objective behind HORIZON is clear. Eturnity AG was an important interface in the implementation, says Neuwerth: “The aim of integrating HORIZON into our range of turnkey solar energy systems was a matter of course.  We already had a computer for HORIZON, but it was completely detached from the computer for turnkey solar systems. Thanks to Eturnity’s development and integration capabilities, we were able to integrate both functions into the same calculator to make it easier for our customers to use.”

Green project work with special circumstances

Especially due to the current challenging times, communication and implementation took place mainly digitally from a distance, which worked very well. This also saved time and greenhouse gas emissions.

Roger Sutter, customer consultant at Eturnity AG, also praises the result, despite the circumstances: “The cooperation was characterized by the will to implement the product. We developed a virtual power storage calculator that exactly matches the ideas of the SEIC-Télédis Group and the offer to its end customers”.

Based on the experience gained, Eturnity AG and the SEIC-Télédis Group intend to continue working together in the future. In fact, new projects are already being planned.


Bettina Enser

Bettina Enser is responsible for marketing and communications at Eturnity AG. She provides insights into topics related to the marketing of renewable energy systems. If you have any questions regarding the article, please contact