With its headquarters located in Somerset, SolarSouthWest is one of our first customers from the UK. Since the relaunch of their new website, the Eturnity Solar Calculator has become an integral part of the solar company. We spoke to Managing Director, Jonathan Bensted, about his motivations behind using the Solar Calculator and took the opportunity to ask him about the pv market in the UK.

Over 10 years of pv practice

It has been exactly ten years since SolarSouthwest installed their first solar system for J B Wheaton & Sons Ltd. Since then, about 800 customers in the domestic and commercial field have been added.

In addition, there have also been new partnerships and further developments, such as a relaunch last year. Eturnity’s Solar Calculator was an integral part of this relaunch and has since been firmly integrated into the pv planning and installation company’s website.

It was at the Solar & Storage trade fair in Birmingham that Managing Director of SolarSouthwest, Jonathan Bensted, and Doris Frehner, Head of Business Development at Eturnity AG, first got to talking.

Professional appearance and less workload

Bensted tells what convinced him about the solution: «I was interested in incorporating the Solar Calculator into our website to make it more professional. Another goal was to eliminate some of the work that is involved in responding to multiple enquiries. What I like is the functionality as a filter, you can filter out the enquiries and see who is actually really serious and who just wants to have a look.

I also believe that the Solar Calculator does add an interesting marketing feature. It adds another dimension to the website. That is a unique selling point that other companies don’t have.”

Cooperation and results

Since 2020, the Solar Calculator has been an integral part of the SolarSouthWest website and the mutual cooperation has been very good: “We were happy with the cooperation, it was very interesting as well and we had really good results at the end. We didn’t have any issues while working together,” says SolarSouthWest’s managing director.

As with every project, there were certain requirements for integration into the solar company’s website, but this also went off without a hitch. Even though the fine-tuning of the outputs, figures, and costs took some time, the company is pleased with the current final result.

Selling Point in the transforming pv market

Particularly in the last 10 years, the UK market has seen more significant deployment in the pv industry. That was initially driven by subsidies and government support.

In the meantime, PV energy can be purchased at a relatively reasonable price even without these subsidies. According to Bensted, the technology is now no longer part of the same business model as before, but is now used to off-set purchase of electricity from the grid. So, customers can make significant savings on their bills.

“I think there is a large capacity for growth in the solar industry for the next decades. Therefore, it is important to focus more on customer service and also offer a professional online presence,” tells Bensted. “To keep up in the pv market, you have to have the ability to process the enquiries, to manage relationships all the way through, and just do a good job finishing up with the project. A digitised process is very supportive in this regard.”

Planning the next steps now

For SolarSouthWest, Eturnity’s web-based software solutions are part of being prepared for what is to come in the pv market. This includes not only facilitating processes within the team, but also providing a service to customers. Therefore, SolarSouthWest continues to plan their next steps. Integrating Eturnity products into their consultation processes is part of the preparation.

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Bettina Enser

Bettina Enser is responsible for marketing and communications at Eturnity AG. She provides insights into topics related to the marketing of renewable energy systems. If you have any questions regarding the article, please contact bettina.enser@eturnity.ch.