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Eturnity Solar Calculator, Expert and ZEV Calculator

Perfect for installers, public utilities and energy suppliers

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The Eturnity PV Solution

The aim behind the Eturnity Solar Solution is to make the daily work of installers, fitters, energy suppliers and solar technicians easier. Until now, the workload for providers and customer consultants of PV systems has been from 12 to 20 hours. Thanks to the Eturnity Software, this workload is minimized and at the same time the work of the installers and energy suppliers is standardized and centralized.

Which photovoltaic tool are you interested in?


Solar Calculator

The Solar Calculator can be used flexibly on your website as a simple calculator for potential customers or as a consulting tool for your customer advisors. With just a few entries, you can obtain clear and convincing outputs, diagrams and calculations.

Solar Calculator

Solar Expert

The Solar Expert not only supports you in customer management, it also creates individual offers in less than 10 minutes. You can store prices, load profiles and electricity tariffs and use an extensive component library. It is ideally used in combination with the Solar Calculator.

Solar Expert

ZEV Calculator

The ZEV Calculator is a model that is applied increasingly, but is the model worthwhile for me too? With the ZEV Calculator, potential customers can receive estimates directly on your website or together with the customer advisor. It is also possible to add battery storage at a later date.

ZEV Calculator

Your personal advisor

We will be happy to answer your questions, just get in touch with one of our customer consultants.

Roger Sutter
Roger SutterManager Customer Consultant
Quentin Thepot
Quentin ThepotCustomer consultant Switzerland
Severin Müller
Severin MüllerCustomer consultant Northeast Switzerland

The Eturnity team

These are the faces behind the Eturnity solution, dedicated to facilitating the work of solar installers and utilities.

Our team

An overview of our customers

See for yourself which public utilities, energy suppliers and solar technicians use our Eturnity solution for the photovoltaic sector.


“It all started with the Solar Calculator and Expert. In the meantime, we offer a full-service tool and are constantly developing new functionalities or solutions whenever there is a need!”


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