Create professional and customer-oriented offers effortlessly

The Eturnity Solar Expert offers you countless advantages that make your customer service leaner and more effective. Create professional offers in just a few clicks, advise your customers on the basis of precise calculations and use the desired components regardless of manufacturer.

Just a few clicks away from a finished offer

The Eturnity Solar Expert software allows you to define manufacturer-independent standard systems consisting of photovoltaic modules, inverters, substructures, energy management systems etc. You can use standard systems directly in the Solar Expert for the creation of professional offers.

Send personalized offers

The generated offer can be created according to your wishes and with your company logo. It is customer-friendly and it contains all the important data for making a decision. In a few minutes, your customers are perfectly advised. The technically demanding information is explained and visualized in the offer in an easy to understand fashion.

Automatic system display

The Eturnity Solar Expert visualises the future photovoltaic situation of your customers and gives your customers a first impression of their appearance. The layout of the pv system is based on satellite images. You can chose between map material from Google Maps (default) or swisstopo. The module layout is also visible in the finished offer.

Customizable component library

The Solar Expert offers a component library that is well-equipped with products from numerous manufacturers. You can expand the component library independently and include your own prices.

Individual load profiles

The Eturnity Solar Expert stores various load profiles, that you can select according to the energy consumption of your customers. You can also easily add individual load profiles.

Choose the right rate of electricity

The Eturnity AG team collects annual electricity rates from a large portion of energy suppliers. This allows you to take into account the actual power output of your customers in your consultations.

What our customers say about Eturnity Solar Expert

The Eturnity Solar Expert allows us to generate quotations simply and more quickly. Above all it allows us to put more emphasize on the benefits for the customer and show the advantages of holistic energy concepts.

Eike JohannBKW Energie AG

The products of the Eturnity AG are simple and purposeful and the company provides cooperative support.

Christ-Andri Hasslerhassler energia alternativa ag

The combination of Solar Expert and Solar Calculator enables us to put together customized offers with extensive information within a short period of time. Eturnity offers the optimal solution for our high quality standard.

Nico KnubelKunz-Solartech GmbH

Thanks to the Eturnity solution, it was possible to quickly increase our completion rate by over 30 percent and at the same time reduce our sales effort.

Christian SeidlerKELAG-Kärntner Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft

Combine photovoltaics, batteries, heat pumps and charging stations in one project and a unique offer

This way you can advise your customers even more comprehensively and save valuable time when planning the plant and preparing the final offer.

Best Practice: Partnermanagement

Find out how you can also use the Eturniy Solar Expert for efficient cooperation with your partners.

Best Practice: Export of project data

Learn how you can export the results of the simulation and calculations and use them in other systems.

Download the product descriptions

Use our product descriptions to inform your colleagues about our innovative products:

We would be pleased to advise you individually!

Please contact Roger Sutter our Head of sales Switzerland

T +41 77 520 50 17

Use the Solar Calculator and the Solar Expert to cover your entire consulting process with one platform

The seamlessly integrated programs support you from the initial interaction with your customers to the completion of the order. Design your customer acquisition with the Eturnity platform in a time-saving, clear and effective manner. Convince your customers with less effort and gain more customers.

Partner systems

We offer the possibility to set up a partner system.
As a licensee you determine which components and corresponding prices are available in your partners components library.

Working with a partner system is, for example, interesting for whole salers, energy utilities or cooperatives.

Premium partners

Your premium partners have individual system access and use their individual PDF design.

Basic partners

Your basic partners have individual system access and use your PDF design.

How much does the Eturntiy Solar Expert cost?

The costs for the Eturnity Solar Expert varies depending on the size of the area in which you wish to operate. We will gladly make you a personalized offer.

How can I test the Eturnity Solar Expert?

In order to be able to test the Eturntiy Solar Expert in a sensible manner, we will use our solution for your situation and tell you the most important functions in a short training course.