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The Eturnity Solar Expert

The PV market is changing, and with it, customer behaviour. The prospective customer of a photovoltaic system no longer wants pure customer advice, but a customer experience.

The Eturnity Solar Expert makes this possible by automating and standardising the workload behind consulting, planning and preparing the offers. This simplifies the everyday work of installers and energy suppliers, and significantly increases the implementation rates. Thanks to the easy-to-understand project simulation and offer design, potential customers feel they are in good hands from the very beginning.


Learn about the Eturnity Solar Solution

In the following video, we show you briefly and concisely how you can save valuable time in your company while addressing more potential prospects and making your existing customers happy. Up to 80 % time savings are only one advantage, also up to 30 % more deals and a centralisation of your interfaces in the company are possible. But see for yourself:

The advantages of the Solar Expert:

The generated offer can be exported in the company’s own design. All important information on the PV system and the associated storage solutions is oriented towards the end customer in a straightforward manner and contains, for example, potential estimates, costs, long-term savings, service life, recommendations and their self-consumption.

The Eturnity Solar Expert visualises, measures and plans your customer’s future photovoltaic system. In addition to the roof covering with PV modules, all important information on load profiles, potential estimation, costs, etc. is also inputted and integrated into the quotation. You have the choice between satellite maps of different providers.

The Eturnity Solar Expert offers a library of components which is equipped by default with products from many different manufacturers. You can expand the component library on your own and also add your own purchase prices and margins.

In the Solar Expert, various load profiles are stored which you can select based on the consumption of your customers. Individual load profiles can also be easily added if you want to make your analysis and advice even more precise, for example, for commercial properties or apartment buildings.

The Eturnity team records the electricity tariffs of more than 80% of Swiss end customers for you every year. This means that you can easily take the actual electricity costs of your customers into account in your consultations.

Both medium-sized and large companies now use a wide variety of applications, therefore, the Eturnity Solar Expert enables a connection via API or web service Zapier as a connecting link. For example, CRM systems such as Pipedrive can be linked to the Solar Expert even without programming knowledge, and this ultimately creates a central office in the company from many interfaces.

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Your offer in a customer-friendly look

The many points and pieces of information of an offer can also be visualized in an attractive way. Many of our customers particularly appreciate this functionality, which makes it possible to digitize information in a clear and customer-friendly way.

The following before-and-after comparison shows what this can look like.


offer-pv-not-bad designoffer-pv-eturnity-better-design

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Customer opinions on the Eturnity Solar Expert


With the Eturnity Solar Expert, we can not only make the preparation of offers easier and quicker, but above all we can bring the customer benefits to the fore and show them the advantages of holistic energy concepts.

Eike Johann, BKW Energie Ltd

The combination of Solar Expert and Solar Calculator enables us to compile tailor-made offers with extensive information in a short time. Eturnity offers the optimal solution for our high-quality standards.

Nico Knubel, Kunz-Solartech GmbH

The integrated calculation of yield and profitability with the graphical representation of self-consumption and the degree of independence illustrate the planned photovoltaic system to interested parties. With the integrated roof design as well as the template function, a lot of time can be saved when preparing the offer.

Ferdinand Bauer, Bauer Energietechnik

The Solar Expert supports us in quickly submitting offers to our customers. The offers are very clear and contain a lot of information so that we can determine target prices within a very short time. This allows us to have a short response time in our customer service. In addition, the Solar Calculator is very much appreciated by our customers.

Andreas Schenk, KWG

Our packages and price structure

We will be happy to advise you on your personal ideas and the costs of the Eturnity Solar Expert. The initial consultation is free of charge. Our customer advisors look forward to getting to know you and your company to provide help tailored to your needs.

Price information in detail

Solar Expert and Solar Calculator – the perfect overall solution

Initially, the first contact of potential customers is decisive, they want their enquiries to be picked up directly and experience how economical and sustainable their investment will be. Subsequently, many energy companies and installation companies decide to automate their lead management and add the Eturnity Solar Calculator on their website.

Information about the Solar Calculator
gif-different devices-with-eturnity-solar-solution

Your personal advisor

We will be happy to answer your questions, just get in touch with one of our customer consultants.

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