An update makes the topic of subsidies complete in our Eturnity software. This benefits everyone in the PV and heating sector who wants to add local subsidies to their simulations, offers, and consulting with just a few clicks.

This is what the new function allows

In the heating sector, there are different subsidy conditions depending on the canton. Now, subsidies at the cantonal and municipal level can be added independently with just a few clicks. Thanks to this update, subsidies can now also be calculated automatically in the Heating Calculator and Expert and the benefits displayed to the customer.

The same applies to the solar sector. It is true that the national subsidies were already stored in the PV area of the Eturnity solution. However, there are also cantons and/or municipalities in Switzerland that offer, for example, one-time support for battery systems – these can also be quickly integrated in the Eturnity solution.

Define your subsidies

Local subsidies can be defined individually by our customers. These subsidies can then be fixed, price-based, or even size-based.
You have the following choices in terms of geographic application criteria:

  • Applying a subsidy to the entire country.
  • Applying a subsidy to a canton.
  • Applying a subsidy to postal codes – these can be integrated as a list.

All your integrated subsidies will be listed clearly in a new tab “Subsidies” at the end

  • Screenshot-local-subsidies-in-eturnity-expert

If you have any questions about the new feature, please feel free to contact our consulting team. We look forward to introducing you to the new feature:

Tel.: +41 81 511 64 64

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Bettina Enser

Bettina Enser is responsible for marketing and communications at Eturnity AG. She provides insights into topics related to the marketing of renewable energy systems. If you have any questions regarding the article, please contact