The Eturnity Board of Directors welcomed a new president in August: Jochen Ganz. As a diversely engaged entrepreneur, he brings a lot of passion, know-how about the industry and technology, as well as a broad management experience.

Eturnity’s solution was a key piece of the puzzle in Jochen Ganz’s strategy for a company in the industry. For him, it is a “perfect match,” which accelerates the process of strategy implementation enormously. “It’s also a good fit on a personal level. I am pleased that I can now also directly support Eturnity on its further path and know that it will be exciting,” says Ganz.

Jochen Ganz replaces Eturnity CEO, Matthias Wiget, who will now devote all of his resources to Eturnity’s management: “We are very proud of the wide-ranging expertise on our Board of Directors, and with Jochen Ganz as Chairman, we have now added another strong personality who is able to rethink existing things. The Eturnity Board of Directors is very well positioned, which is why I am pleased to now completely focus on my activities as CEO at Eturnity.”

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Bettina Enser

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