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Intelligent software solutions for energy suppliers2021-11-11T09:35:03+00:00

Intelligent software solutions for energy suppliers

Become a driving force for the energy turnaround

Effective process flows and optimal customer service thanks to Eturnity’s calculator and expert

Eturnity offers a digital total solution for effective internal energy-supply-processes and for optimal customer service. Our software solutions cover the most important processes of energy suppliers, from acquisition, planning, and consulting, to sales. We enable the combination of different technologies: PV, ZEV, heating, and district heating, as well as e-mobility.

All of these functionalities are packaged in two solutions for utilities: Eturnity Calculator and Eturnity Expert, each for solar and heating, which can also be combined in modules. The Eturnity calculators are designed as a white label system and can be adapted to the corporate design of your energy supply company.

The advantages of the Eturnity total solution

Eturnity calculator: automatic advice for PV and heating systems online and around the clock

The Eturnity Solar Calculator, Eturnity Heating Calculator and Eturnity ZEV Calculator offer potential customers a detailed estimate of their future renewable energy systems with just a few clicks. The calculators are branded with your logo and in line with your energy utility’s corporate identity.

Why should you use the Eturnity Calculator?

Initial consultations and potential estimates cost less because the Heating, Solar, and ZEV Calculators are fully automated and the prospective customer can easily inform themselves. Your potential customers want to be advised anytime and anywhere. Provide them with the necessary tools to enable individual advice around the clock.

Customers who only want a rough estimate have the option of self-service and don’t need the valuable (and expensive) time of your staff.
Potential customers can contact you directly from the application. They automatically receive a lot of helpful information about their building, energy consumption, etc.

The Solar, Heating, and ZEV Calculator are excellent for online marketing activities with the potential to increase the number of visitors to your website. The calculators increase the interaction possibilities on your website and your brand is always present.

When you visit your customer, you can carry out a live technology analysis (e.g. suitability of heating systems) together with your customer on site, i.e. your customer advisors can use the calculators on the move, on a tablet.

The prospective customers receive comprehensible and comparable information. You offer a very lean and efficient advisory process that takes little time for the customer. In addition, you provide the necessary informa

The Eturnity Calculators are white-label solutions. It is integrated on your website and can be easily adapted to your corporate design.

The ZEV model has become a growing trend in Switzerland. More and more property owners and managers want to be advised on the advantages of ZEV. The Eturnity ZEV Calculator is, therefore, an important tool for ZEV new customer acquisition.

Swisstopo provides precise, up-to-date, and reliable bases for surveying Switzerland, surveys the landscape and subsoil, and documents them over time. Here, you can test the solar calculator with Swisstopo map material: To the Eturnity Solar Calculator

Make a demo appointment

Eturnity Expert: Individual offers for renewable energy systems including simulation in 10 minutes

A customer enquiry can be converted into a first offer within 10 minutes. Building-specific PV systems, specific heat demand, and individual load profiles etc. are taken into account in the simulation. The PDF quotes are branded with your utility’s logo and the designs are fully customisable. Take a look at the before and after comparison of such a quote on the Solar Expert page:


Why should you use the Eturnity Expert?

With just a few clicks you can visually dimension a PV system and automatically calculate the building-related heat demand.
A simulated project with a customised bill of materials can be converted into a ready-to-send PDF quote with a single click.

Thanks to standardised systems and simulations, the susceptibility to errors in possible estimates, forecasts, and quotations is reduced.
The integration of different process steps into one solution and the resulting automated transfer of information reduces the likelihood of data loss or data errors.

The generated quotations contain all possible information on economic efficiency, CO2 consumption, etc. that an end customer could wish for.
You can easily compare several variants for your customers and offer them a wider choice, with hardly any additional effort on your part.

Using APIs, digital integration, and automated information exchange can be extended to software solutions you already use.
The Eturnity partner system allows you to easily collaborate with your partners directly on the platform. You can assign them specific projects, define component prices for them, etc.

Make a demo appointment

These customers have already been convinced:


“With the Solar Calculator from Eturnity AG, we offer our customers a unique online experience around our energy solutions. The usage and the positive feedback exceeded all our expectations”

Andreas Uthmann, Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke
In use: Solar Calculator, Solar and Heating Expert incl. add-on E-mobility

Save time!

With the Solar Calculator alone you save time: the prospective customer can get an idea of your services on their own via your website. But it is also a useful tool to support your employees in direct customer talks. If you also integrate the Solar Expert, you can reduce your effort in terms of offer creation and customer management.


“With the Eturnity Solar Expert, we can not only make the preparation of offers easier and quicker, but above all we can bring the customer benefits to the fore and show them the advantages of holistic energy concepts.”

Eike Johann, BKW AG
In use: Solar and Heating Calculator, Solar and Heating Expert incl. add-on E-mobility

Tangible results in just a few minutes

Your data is stored in the Solar Calculator and expert. This means that both the result of the solar calculator and the offer can be created and used after just a few minutes in order to explain the situation to the prospective customer on the basis of the comprehensible presentation. This is a real advantage over the complicated data of competitors!

Did you know?

of energy suppliers are planning to increase sales through digital products
of all energy suppliers surveyed plan a digital strategy
of the energy suppliers are only satisfied with their digitalisation
Source: Digital@EVU, 2020 (D-A-CH)

→ Eturnity drives exactly this digitalisation with its software solutions

With interfaces to a central office in the company

We can effortlessly integrate the Eturnity software solution into the existing software environment and, thus, guarantee a seamless sales process within your energy supply company.

The integration of your applications can be made possible either very simply through APIs or web services, such as Zapier. But, we also build individual interfaces to match the CRM programmes you use.

More about interfaces

Your personal advisor

We will be happy to answer your questions, just get in touch with one of our customer consultants.

We look forward to getting to know you:

Roger Sutter
Roger SutterManager Customer Consultant
Quentin Thepot
Quentin ThepotCustomer consultant Switzerland
Severin Müller
Severin MüllerCustomer consultant Northeast Switzerland

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