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New feature saves time when providing impulse consulting

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BFE) supports the daily work of installers and consultants by promoting impulse consulting (Impulsberatung)  as part of the renewable heating program (erneuerbar heizen). The goal behind the program: to promote climate-friendly alternatives among the heating systems.

For the impulse consultation, the impulse consultants come to the property owner and look at the property. Then, the energy requirements of the building, the location-specific factors, and also any ideas that the house owners have are discussed. The Federal Office supports precisely these impulsive consultations so that they can happen as often as possible.


Eturnity AG builds on this goal and, together with its heating expert, takes care of the sometimes time-consuming advisory and offer processes that installers deal with on a daily basis.

There is also a new feature that takes over the digital and automated filling out of the form necessary for the funding, which goes along with the impulse consulting.

This allows more time for the customer.

“We think the funding program for impulse consulting is a great thing. Since the users of our heating expert already have all of the important data for their impulse consultations digitally available, the form can be exported with just a few clicks. The effort involved in the consultation process and impulse consultation form is, thus, considerably minimized. That means there is more time for the customer, even after the consultation on site.”



Eturnity Heating Expert for individual heating system offers


The Eturnity heating expert enables professional simulation of heating and hot water systems. In the customer advisory process, various system components of a heating and hot water system can be combined. This applies to solar thermal collectors, simple and intelligent thermal storage, and heating.

The Eturnity heating expert enables cost comparisons between the current and future heating systems. Customers receive information on the annual maintenance costs, energy costs, and amortization costs.

The focus of the simulation is based on easy-to-understand and clear illustrations. The calculations are based on self-defined parameters.

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