Our solutions for digital consulting of heating systems

Use the Eturnity Heating Expert and the Eturnity Heating Calculator to integrate your entire consulting process, from the first customer interaction, through the selection of the appropriate heating system, all the way to the final offer. Provide your customers with comprehensive and professional advice.

Elektro Etter AG uses our products since 2016.

What does the Eturnity Heating Calculator offer?

  • The Heating Calculator increases the attractiveness of your website
  • It creates non-binding potential assessments of new heating systems
  • The Calculator displays meaningful and comprehensible information, which eases the acquisition of new customers
  • Potential customers can request a quotation directly from the Heating Calculator
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What does the Eturnity Heating Expert offer?

  • You can create convincing offer in just a few clicks
  • The Heating Expert supports you in the selection of the optimal heat pump
  • It takes into consideration local temperature profiles, heat distribution systems and energy consumption
  • The software includes a comprehensive and manufacturer-independent component library
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