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Eturnity Heating Expert – an all-in-one planning, quotations and customer management tool

For simple consultations, quotations and planning of heating systems

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The Eturnity Heating Expert

The heating installer puts in a lot of time and effort in the initial contact with the customer until the heating system is installed. Coupled with unfriendly offers that use confusing technical terms that customers may not be used to, heating systems installers can miss their target.

This is where the Eturnity Heating Expert comes in, reducing this time expenditure by up to 80% and ensuring up to 30% better implementation rates with its offers and consulting tools geared to the customer’s completed project.

Se how quickly you can prepare a heating quotation

In the following demo video, we show you how easy it is to create a tailor-made heating system offer with the Eturnity Heating Expert. Since your individual prices and components are stored, only a few customer details are required. But see for yourself:

The advantages of the Heating Expert

Consultation with the Eturnity Heating Expert allows the combination of different heating and hot water system components – from solar thermal collectors, simple and intelligent thermal storage systems to heating systems.

The component library of the Eturnity Heating Expert integrates heaters and thermal storage units from a wide range of manufacturers. The component library can be extended with individual components and prices.

Based on the building and consumption data of your customers, the Eturnity Heating Expert will calculate the specific heat and energy requirements for you and clearly depict the current and future energy flows.

With the Eturnity Heating Expert, you can automatically create a cost comparison between current and future heating systems for your customers. They will receive information on the annual maintenance costs, energy costs and the long-term savings they will gain. The calculations are based on parameters defined by you.

The offers that you create in the Eturnity Heating Expert are exported as PDFs and are aimed at the end customer, with explanations about the new heating and hot water system that are easy to understand. Your customers will feel that they have been understood. We can implement your individual design ideas.

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Your offer in an attractive design

The many points and pieces of information of an offer can also be prepared in an elegant way. Many of our customers are particularly enthusiastic about this functionality, which results in customer satisfaction and clear information to be provided automatically.

The following before-and-after comparison shows what this can look like.



Move the slider to see a complete comparison

Customer opinions on the Heating Expert


The presentation of the offers is clear and not too overloaded. Additionally, PDF pages can be included or removed, which makes the program even more dynamic.

Optimised Impulse Consulting

There is a new feature that automates the filling out of the form necessary for the funding, which goes along with the impulse consulting.

This allows more time for the customer.

More about the feature

Our packages and price structure

We will be happy to advise you on your personal ideas and the costs of the Eturnity Heating Expert. The initial consultation is free of charge, our customer advisors look forward to getting to know you and your company to provide help tailored to your needs.

Price information in detail

Heating Expert and Calculator – the perfect overall solution

The first contact is crucial for potential customers. They want advice that relates to them and experience immediately why the heating system is the best for them. Consequently, many energy and installation companies decide to integrate automated lead generation and filtering by implementing the Heating Calculator directly on the website.

Information on the Heating Calculator

The Eturnity Heating Expert is supported by:


Your personal advisor

We will be happy to answer your questions, just get in touch with one of our customer consultants.

Roger Sutter
Roger SutterManager Customer Consultant
Quentin Thepot
Quentin ThepotCustomer consultant Switzerland
Severin Müller
Severin MüllerCustomer consultant Northeast Switzerland

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