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Eturnity Heating Calculator – the advantage in consulting

Whether it is on your website or used as an advisory support for your customer advisors, it is here to help you

Try the Heating Calculator

The Eturnity Heating Calculator

Heating installers need to put in a great deal of effort when it comes to customer acquisition and consulting. The Eturnity Heating Calculator supports you directly when customers first come into contact with it on your website. The Heating Calculator takes care of the estimation, simulation and preparation by organising it into a PDF summary.

The advantages of the Heating Calculator

The Heating Calculator uses a precise simulation but takes into account that preparation needs to be customer friendly. To do this, it becomes a digital assistant that works around the clock and supports you in handling the initial consultation. The Heating Calculator is also a popular tool at trade fairs and when travelling.
The Heating Calculator simulates and compares different heating systems. A wide range of factors such as local temperature profiles, the heat distribution system or the energy consumption of a potential customer are taken into account.

The Heating Calculator is equipped with the colours and logo of your company to ensure the calculator and the PDF summary is consistent with your website and brand.

The simulation in the Eturnity Heating Calculator is based on a comprehensive library of components from various manufacturers. Select your preferred components for the heating calculator and store your individual prices.
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Customer opinions on the Heating Calculator


Domotec AG greatly appreciates the uncomplicated and successful partnership with Eturnity. The collaboration between our company and the Heating Calculator has given both parties a lot of valuable knowledge that we can use in the future.

Joel Ineichen, domotec

I regularly receive enquiries from customers who, thanks to the Heating Calculator, already have a clear idea of what to expect. When talking to customers on-site, I can focus on the fundamental construction issues because they already understand the details of the project. All in all, I am enthusiastic about the product and positively surprised by the response.


The database can be supplemented with the favorite heating components via support. This makes it possible to create an even more accurate heating comparison.


The Eturnity Heating Calculator makes it easier for our customers to get an initial idea of heating renovation, the initial conversation starts at a whole different level.

Heiner Stähli, ASR Haustechnik AG

Our packages and price structure

We will be happy to advise you on your personal ideas and the cost of the Eturnity Heating Calculator. The initial consultation is free of charge. Our customer advisors look forward to getting to know you and your company to provide help tailored to your needs.

What does the Heating Calculator cost?

Eturnity Heating Calculator and Expert – the perfect overall solution

As more and more installers and energy suppliers want to minimise their workload, they are integrating the Eturnity Heating Expert as a complete package in addition to the Eturnity Heating Calculator.

It automates the entire customer advisory and quotation process, right up to the point of sale. This ultimately makes the software an efficient tool for daily work.

Information about the Heating Expert
gif-different devices-with-eturnity-heating-solution

Your personal advisor

We will be happy to answer your questions, just get in touch with one of our customer consultants.

Roger Sutter
Roger SutterManager Customer Consultant
Quentin Thepot
Quentin ThepotCustomer consultant Switzerland
Severin Müller
Severin MüllerCustomer consultant Northeast Switzerland

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