The interactive heating calculator for your website

Provide your customers with a professional first consultation directly on your website. Your customers are supplied with an easily understandable comparison of several potential heating systems. Of course the fully automated consultation is available 24/7 and allows your customers to inform themselves any time. 


Well-infomed customers in just a few clicks

The Eturnity Heating Calculator guides potential customers step by step through the simulation of a new heating system. You receive comprehensive information on the costs of various systems, the energy flow and CO2 emissions.

A precise simulation

The Heating Calculator simulates and compares different heating systems. A variety of factors such as local temperature profiles, the heat distribution system or the energy consumption of each customer are taken into account.

Design your own calculator

The Heating Calcualtor can be adapted to your wishes in terms of colours and your logo. The results of the simulation are easy to undertand and perfectly match the appearance of your website.

Manufacturer-independent and based on your prices

The simulation of the Eturnity Heating Calculator is based on a comprehensive component library with countless components from various manufacturers. You can easily select your preferred components and enter your individual prices.

The functions of the Eturnity Heating Calculator at a glance


  • Users are offered a comparison of the economic efficiency of different heating systems at the touch of a button.
  • The simulation is based on local temperature profiles, the heat distribution system as well a energy consumption of the customer.
  • Based on these factors consumption profiles are calculated for the buildings
  • In the case of heat pumps, the simulation is carried out in an hourly resolution over 20 years
  • You decide over what period of time (max. 50 years) heat pumps are depreciated in the profitability calculation
  • You maintain the prices of the components yourself and thus determine the costs that the heating calculator displays
  • Various parameters considered in the simulation, such as resource consumption, maintenance costs, etc. can be adjusted according to your needs
  • The heating calculator will be branded with your logo and in your colours


  • Users of the Eturnity Heating Calculator can receive their data directly as a PDF file by e-mail on request.
  • You can access the detailed data of the Eturnity Heating Calculator and use it in your systems via an API connection

How much does the Eturnity Heating Calculator cost?

Due to the versatility of our solutions, the prices differ from customers to customers. We would be happy to make you a non-binding, individual offer.

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