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More customer contacts and time thanks to the Heating Calculator and Heating Expert

The Eturnity Heating Calculator is more than just an online calculator for people interested in solar systems, it is a digital assistant in terms of new customer acquisition and lead management in the photovoltaic sector that works for you 24 hours a day.
It can be supplemented at any time with our PV planning tool – the Heating Expert – which automates and standardizes the administrative processes behind consulting, planning, and offer generation.

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These customers have already been convinced:


“I regularly receive enquiries from customers who, thanks to the Heating Calculator, already have a clear idea of what to expect. When talking to customers on-site, I can focus on the fundamental construction issues because they already understand the details of the project. All in all, I am enthusiastic about the product and positively surprised by the response.”

Daniel Burkhardt, Burkhardt Heizung + Sanitär AG
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The Heating Calculator on your website

The Heating Calculator can be integrated into your website – adapted to your corporate identity as well as your prices and products – and will convince your prospective customers with its particularly intuitive operation and the easy-to-understand result. Since the prospective customer leaves their e-mail address, you can follow up directly with them. You can also test the Heating Calculator as a demo version.


“Domotec AG greatly appreciates the uncomplicated and successful partnership with Eturnity. The collaboration between our company and the Heating Calculator has given both parties a lot of valuable knowledge that we can use in the future.”

Joel Ineichen, domotec
In use: Heating Calculator

Tangible results in just a few minutes

Your data is stored in the Solar Calculator and expert. This means that both the result of the solar calculator and the offer can be created and used after just a few minutes in order to explain the situation to the prospective customer on the basis of the comprehensible presentation. This is a real advantage over the complicated data of competitors!


“The presentation of the offers is clear and not too overloaded. Additionally, PDF pages can be included or removed, which makes the program even more dynamic.”

Kevin Büsser, Energie Zürichsee Linth AG
In use: Heating Calculator and Expert

Save time!

With the Heating Calculator alone you save time: the prospective customer can get an idea of your services on their own via your website. But it is also a useful tool to support your employees in direct customer talks. If you also integrate the Heating Expert, you can reduce your effort in terms of offer creation and customer management.

All information about Heating Calculator and Expert

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In addition, our consultants will be happy to assist you, answer any open questions, or set up a trial version for you.

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