It was an important update for the Eturnity solution and the entire Eturnity team, which has been working hard over the past weeks and months to make our software more customer-friendly.

On October 18th, the new frontend of our software was launched. A project that not only challenged the entire Eturnity team, but also the customers of the Eturnity solution made a great contribution with their valuable feedback.

We are happy to present the optimized frontend: 

General optimizations

You get the complete tour:

Many people know the problem of fast-moving times: Your company changes, the team grows. Our solution, therefore, offers your new employees an automated tour through the software. This saves you valuable time during training.


Bye-bye Edit-Button

Our Edit button was not very popular among our customers, because in the previous application the user could only make changes after clicking the Edit button.

We have improved this: From now on, you are always in edit mode. When leaving the respective view, you will be asked whether you want to save or discard the changes. This ensures that you still have the possibility to correct incorrect entries quickly.


Optimization of the keyboard operation

From now on, when loading a page, the cursor (of the mouse or the touch pad) is directly at the right place (input field) so that the input can be made immediately.
Saving changes works with the usual keyboard combination “Ctrl+sˮ.


Faster loading times

Eturnity products have developed so successfully in recent years that many of our users now want to have several thousand components available in the library. Under certain circumstances, this has led to long loading times in the library and in the project editor during daily work. We have been able to drastically reduce and optimize these loading times in many places, so that the workflow will be even better from now on.


Improved workflow

It goes into detail. We have optimized small things that have a great influence on making daily work easier. For example, the number of battery memories is now automatically set to 1 when activated.

Furthermore, all numbers are now displayed in country-specific formatting.

Simplification csv import for load profiles

Individual load profiles, which are to be used as a basis for the simulation of PV systems, can now be imported using a simple date format.
The mapping of the 15-minute resolution can now also be done with cumulated second values. An example of a load profile can be found directly in the platform documentation.

Rental models in the solar calculator

From now on, the Eturnity Solar Calculator can also display rental models.

Complete revision of the library

We have also completely revised the workflow in the component library - with many new advantages for you:

Filter according to your own criteria

Use the filter to determine how you want to build your overview. You now also have the option of assigning individual tags to each component. This allows you to create your own groups, which you can search for in the library and in the project editor.



Working with article numbers

Many of our customers are not necessarily looking for the name, but rather the part number of a certain component. Therefore, the article number is now displayed permanently, and it is also possible to search for the respective article numbers.

Revision of the designations

The designations "Groups, "Templates” and "Systemsˮ have often led to confusion in the past. We have, therefore, adapted the designations as follows on request:

  • "Templates" becomes → "Main component templates"
  • "Systems" becomes → "Project templates"
  • For the configuration of the heating and solar computer prices there are again two own menu options → "Solar Calculator" and "Heating Calculator"

Improvements in the project editor

Improved navigation

We have simplified the navigation. From now on you can switch easily between different project variants. This makes it easy to work through a project from top to bottom.

A new workhorse

Eturnity Solutions are now used to handle tens of thousands of projects every year. This makes the application a workhorse for you. We have streamlined the operation and designed it so that it can be used efficiently in daily work.


Multiple PV modules and mounting systems

It is now possible to use a separate substructure and module for each roof orientation.
This makes it possible, for example, to create a project from a flat roof and a pitched roof.


Different types of charging stations and EMS

From now on, the software allows you to add multiple quantities of a specific type of Base Station or EMS to a project.
You can also add several different types of Base Stations and EMS to a project.

District heating enabled in the heating expert

We have integrated the preparation of offers for district heating plants into the Eturnity expert software.

Individual PDF texts

You can customize the texts in the PDF documents directly in the PDF file.

Coming Soon: Activities & Project History

Especially because you create so many projects with our programs, one of your biggest wishes was to be able to track projects directly in the Eturnity software. We have taken this wish into account and will also implement the functions "Activities" and "History" after the release of the new version:

  • You will be able to create project-specific activities for yourself and your employees.
  • You will then be able to view these activities across all projects, as well as filter and search by using the usual methods.
  • Within a project you will see a project history of all completed and open activities.

Demo date

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Bettina Enser

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