A few questions, two minutes and they’ll know all of the components and, if required, the price of the desired e-mobility system. That sounds almost too simple.
But exactly such a convenient configurator for e-charging stations has now been implement

Dynamic questionnaire completed in 2 minutes

The configurator guides its users through a short questionnaire consisting of a few customizable questions. These questions are structured dynamically, depending on the user’s initial situation. Interested parties then receive all of the information on the required components directly, if necessary also as a PDF file with pricing.


The advantages of the e-mobility configurator

This is a great advantage for the company’s own customer service, because when a customer inquires about a PV system, the customer service representative can directly send a link to the E-Mobility Configurator. This way, customers can immediately see for themselves what is needed for their own ideas, summarized in a comprehensible and pictorial PDF file.

The data that the potential customer leaves behind is transferred directly to the solar expert, nothing has to be transferred manually.

The biggest advantage, however, is that companies using the configurator for e-charging stations can decide for themselves how many and which questions to ask – without any programming effort. This enables us to offer highly individualized configurators at a low cost.

Rocket-like growth in e-mobility

The statistics speak for themselves: according to Statista, for example, there were already around 10.9 million electric vehicles on the roads globally in 2020. E-mobility is a topic of rapidly growing importance, which is an important focus of the renewable energy industry. This topic is accompanied by sector coupling, more orders, and more in-house resources.

Sector coupling has always been an essential part in our SaaS solutions. Due to the increasing demand, the E-mobility Configurator is, therefore, an important new link in Eturnity’s portfolio.

More about the E-Mobility Configurator

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Bettina Enser

Bettina Enser is responsible for marketing and communications at Eturnity AG. She provides insights into topics related to the marketing of renewable energy systems. If you have any questions regarding the article, please contact bettina.enser@eturnity.ch.