Requested by our customers and now available – On 18.01. the Eturnity solution rolled out two new important functions.

Automatic ground probe sizing for ground probe heat pumps

From now on, the sizing of the borehole heat exchanger length is automatically calculated for the required heating capacity. In addition, the price dependency on the probe length can be defined and, thus, the price of the initial probe drilling can be determined automatically.


  • screen-news-feature-heatpump-in-eturnity-solution

Overview of all activities

Another new feature now makes it possible to list all activities. In the deal flow you can see all integrated notes and documents, such as the name of the activity, description, and due date.

The listing is chronological, but can also be edited afterwards by the creator. Once an activity is successfully completed, the user can mark it as “Done”.

This status can also be viewed in the overview afterwards. Activities can be referred to other users.


  • screen-create-activity-in-eturnity-solution
  • screen-entry-activity-in-eturnity-solution
  • screen-overview-activities-in-eturnity-solution

If you have any questions about the new functionalities, our support team will be happy to answer them:

Tel.: +41 81 511 64 64



Bettina Enser

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