The digitalization of the Swiss solar industry is one step further and we are pleased to be part of it in the form of a cooperation.

Swissolar and Brunner Informatik are launching a new system for handling solar projects: ElektroForm solar. It brings substantial relief in the administrative effort for both planners and installers. Pronovo, distribution grid operators and cantons, for example, are connected to the new web app. As a result of using the web application, the processing of the solar projects is more efficient, clearer, and, through data checks, also more qualitative. Accurate guidance is also guaranteed by up-to-date forms.

We provide a brief insight into the new ElektroForm solar web app, formerly known as “easyAdmin”, and the joint collaboration with Eturnity.

ElektroForm solar offers the following functions::

  • Distribution grid operator forms are integrated
  • Project registration via an interface to Pronovo
  • Submission of the cantonal registration forms either via PDF or via a direct interface to the canton
  • Order land register extract directly via SIX/terravis or PDF/e-mail
  • Access via web browser or connection of own system via interface in headless mode
  • Swissolar standard forms on various topics

The collaboration:

Eturnity will be connected to ElektroForm solar via an interface. This makes it possible to transfer projects from the Eturnity expert to the ElektroForm solar system at the click of a mouse after the consulting and quotation phase. Project administration no longer requires manual data entry, thus, reducing sources of error and simplifying everyday work – ultimately a big time-saver for everyone.

And so it continues:

The new system has now been presented in its new form for the first time at this year’s PV conference on July 1-2, 2021 in Bern and will be fully available in the first quarter of the new year. If anyone would like to take advantage of ElektroForm solar earlier, the product will also be available as a free beta version as early as 18.11.2021.

A free beta version of the Eturnity-ElektroForm solar integration will also be available from December 2021. The full and final version will then be accessible at the same time as the GoLive of EF solar in the first quarter of 2022.

For more information and the latest news on ElektroForm solar, please visit: (German or French)


Bettina Enser

Bettina Enser is responsible for marketing and communications at Eturnity AG. She provides insights into topics related to the marketing of renewable energy systems. If you have any questions regarding the article, please contact