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E-Mobility Configurator

As a supplement for optimal customer service

Try out the configurator for e-charging stations directly

The Eturnity E-Mobility Configurator

The statistics speak for themselves: every year, more and more e-cars are on the road – The spread of e-mobility is growing rapidly. Renewable energy companies are, therefore, increasingly expanding their portfolios and putting more focus on e-mobility.

This also includes consulting on the topic of e-mobility, because the demand is growing and interested parties want to know their options. The Eturnity configurator for e-charging stations picks up at exactly this point and automates this consulting work as your digital assistant. The data is transferred directly to the Eturnity Expert, if required, for even more time savings.

Areas of application of the E-Mobility Configurator

The configurator is suitable for use in multi-family house projects and for advising property owners and property management companies.

Since consulting on e-charging stations in single-family homes is less complex, the Eturnity E-Mobility Configurator is not used in this area.

Screens of the E-Mobility Configurator

The advantages of the E-Mobility Configurator

Used on the website, the E-Mobility Configurator takes over the initial contact with your potential customers. They can directly experience for themselves which components and, if required, prices are needed for their own ideas – and receive a clear PDF document. The configurator can also be used as an additional link for PV or heating offers.

The questionnaire within the configurator for e-charging stations is dynamically structured and can be completely customized. This means that you decide yourself how many and which questions should be asked, without any programming effort.

Like our Eturnity Calculators, the E-Mobility Configurator can be adapted to your company’s own design (colors and logo). It then adapts to your website and the entire corporate design.

The Eturnity configurator for e-charging stations also covers cross-selling requirements in terms of sector coupling. In this way, you can show your prospective customers at the same time which products are still suitable and worthwhile in their property.

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Customer opinions about the E-Mobility Configurator


With the new E-Mobility Configurator, we were able to cover another important field in our portfolio. It is practical that the configurator could be created according to our wishes and in our design without much manual effort. The clear PDF at the end is very beneficial for our customers.

Our packages and pricing structure

The Eturnity configurator for e-charging stations is dynamic and highly customizable. This means that you decide yourself how many and which questions should be asked – without any programming effort. This is how Eturnity manages to offer cost-effective configurators. Our customer service team will be happy to discuss the possibilities for your personal ideas and the associated costs of the e-mobility configurator. The initial consultation is free of charge, we look forward to speaking with you.

What does the E-Mobility Configurator cost?

Eturnity Expert and Calculator – the perfect total solution for consulting, planning and sales


Eturnity Solar Solution

Many PV installers and energy providers leave the manual effort behind and integrate the solar calculator and solar expert as a complete package. In the end, this enables completely automated work from customer acquisition, consulting and planning, to sales. The topic of ZEV is also covered in our product portfolio.

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Eturnity Heating Solution

Our heating solution cannot be missing in the renewable energy sector. The heating calculator serves heating installers as a digital assistant in terms of new customer acquisition, 24 hours a day. The heating expert standardizes and automates the administrative processes behind consulting, planning and quoting.

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Your personal advisor

We will be happy to answer your questions, just get in touch with one of our customer consultants.

Roger Sutter
Roger SutterManager Customer Consultant
Quentin Thepot
Quentin ThepotCustomer consultant Switzerland
Severin Müller
Severin MüllerCustomer consultant Northeast Switzerland

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