About us

Eturnity AG is a young company in the field of renewable energies. A young and dynamic team works with a great deal of know-how and effort to promote the Eturnity idea. Since the foundation in 2012, a lot has changed, but we have remained faithful to our core values. We are pleased that you are interested in us.

Our vision

Our society depends on a stable energy supply. In order to ensure long-term prosperity, Europe decided to focus on renewable energy sources for the energy system in the future. This system change leads to a decentralized energy system with new market participants: consumers are now becoming electricity producers.

A successful energy transition depends on the active participation of all members of society, for which energy issues are not necessarily part of everyday life. For this reason, companies from the energy-related industries must pick up their customers at the right level and promote understanding, especially during the consulting process. This is the only way to carry out a rapid and efficient transition of the energy system to renewable resources. With its products and technologies, Eturnity creates the basis for this change and thus supports a successful energy tunraround.

Our values

At Eturnity, creativity, dynamism and motivation are important attributes that are incorporated and lived in our work on a daily basis. Honesty, transparency and respect are values that we nurture and protect not only wwithin our company, but also in our relationships and collaborations with our customers and partners. We want to be an attractive workplace for people who can live up to and contribute to their passion and strengths at Eturnity.

Our idea

We at Eturnity AG Switzerland want our solutions to take the sales and consulting processes of companies from the energy sector to the next level. Together with our customers, we want to contribute to more renewable energy and the efficient use of energy. The following video (German) gives an insight into our overall concept using the example of a sale of a solar plant.

Our platform

The Eturnity platform is an expandable basic platform for companies and people who deal with the topic of energy. The programs are designed to support consulting processes and sales, and offer simple answers to complex energy questions, thanks to simulation and elaborate evaluation. The platform provides comprehensive and easily understandable answers to questions concerning self-sufficiency and profitability. This allows you to create sophisticated processes and solutions for your customers. The consulting and sales process is supported from A to Z and is made more efficient but also more effective.

Our partners and networks

In the development of our products, we often use partner products and open source software. Through our contributions and feedback, these products are further developed and optimized. Here is an overview of our most important partners and open source projects.

The purpose of the Foundation for Innovation, Development and Research of the Canton of Graubünden is to strengthen the business location Graubünden in cooperation with institutions and companies. Eturnity AG would like to thank the Foundation for the great support.

Eturnity AG is a member of energie-cluster.ch and supports the implementation of the Federal Government’s energy strategy 2050.

Eturnity AG is a member of Swissolar, the Swiss Association for Solar Energy.

Flusko offers a web-based open source application for the measurement of electricity, water and gas consumption.

Our history

2016 – Official going-live of the Eturnity platform

Our first products have been on the market since the beginning of 2016. Eturnity was able to win many customers who benefit from the time saving advantages of the Eturnity platform. The satisfaction and positive feedback of our customers motivate us daily to further develop our products and thus continue to contribute to a successful energy turnaround.

2014 to 2015 – Development of the Eturnity platform

Through the intensive examination of the renewable energies sector, our team at Eturnity was able to identify the biggest obstacles to the use of solar energy. One of the most recurrent problem was lengthy and costly consulting and selling processes. We thus decided to focus our efforts on improving efficiency during these processes allowing providers of renewable energies to improve their sales.

To this end, we have developed the concept of the Eturnity platform, which includes the Solar Calculator and the Solar Expert programms. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have the most efficient consulting and selling processes!

2012 to 2014 – Sales and construction of photovoltaic systems

To make a contribution to the promotion of renewable energies, the Eturnity team first dealt intensively with the technologies and processes of solar energy. The focus was on the sale and construction of photovoltaic systems. In a short period of time, several plants between 8 and 165 kW could be implemented. Consequentely, our team has gained know-how in terms of photovoltaic systems and therefore we know what it means to sell PV-installations, to plan and to assemble them.

2012 – The founding

Eturnity  AG Schweiz was founded in 2012 by Matthias Wiget (MSc ETH), Remo Müller (MSc ETH), Nicolas Bernold (MSc ETH), and Samuel Baumgartner (Licensed to University of Friborg, lawyer). From the very beginning, the goal of Eturnity has been to contribute to the promotion of renewable energy.